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About Glucina Alloys Ltd

Glucina Alloys Ltd is New Zealand's only remaining manufacturer of aluminium casting alloy ingot, aluminium deoxidant and copper casting alloy ingot from recycled, remelted and refined scrap metal. Glucina has a long history since George Glucina founded the business of remelting scrap metal in the 1950's, and today the three owners and directors, who all worked with George, have collectively over 100 years experience.

Huge emphasis is placed on the importance of understanding and satisfying all our customers' ingot needs, and this commitment is reflected in Glucina supplying the majority of the New Zealand casting industry. In many cases the supply relationship is in excess of 30 years.

Glucina supplies a full range of certified alloys to international standards for high pressure diecasting, gravity diecasting and sand casting applications. Our customers include manufacturers of automotive components and those using alloys for high integrity castings for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Having a close working relationship with, and good feedback from our customers has allowed Glucina to tailor-make alloy chemistry to achieve complex product solutions.

Currently both aluminium and copper alloys are exported to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, where customers quickly recognise the high quality of Glucina ingot.

In addition to ingot supply, technical advice, which includes alloy selection and casting methoding, spectroscopic analysis and metallurgical investigations, is offered as a free service to customers


West Auckland's Yugoslavian population is famous for its wine making and market gardening. George Glucina wanted to follow family tradition but a viral infection in his entire tree tomato crop forced him into a new career that led to establishing what became New Zealand's largest non-ferrous secondary ingot manufacturer.