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Glucina Alloys Ltd, recyclers of scrap metal Glucina Alloys Ltd, recyclers of scrap metal

What we do

Glucina produces certified aluminum alloy ingot for customers working in high and low pressure diecasting, permanent mould (gravity) and sandcasting.

Aluminium master alloys are produced for elemental adjustments in the wrought alloy production sector and aluminium deoxidant (puck) is produced for the steel industry.

Glucina also produces a full range of certified copper casting alloys.

Aluminium and copper alloys are produced to International Standards depending upon a customer's requirements. Amongst the most commonly requested alloys are those from the traditional British Standards:

  • BS 1490: Aluminium and aluminium alloy ingots and castings for general engineering purposes
  • BS 1400: Copper alloy ingots and copper alloy and high conductivity copper castings

Also in high demand are alloys from the Australian Standards:

  • AS 1874: Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys - Ingots and Castings
  • AS 1565: Copper and copper alloys - Ingots and castings

Many of the alloys are manufactured to much tighter chemical composition limits based on Glucina's extensive knowledge of what provides the best solutions of quality repeatability for customer casting needs.

Over the years Glucina has also developed their own proprietary alloy solutions.